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Michael Alan Herman is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter from St. Joseph, Michigan. Since his MFA in writing from the University of Southern California, his plays and films have been produced across the country in collaboration with Spotify, Elysium Bandini Studios, Roustabout Theatre Troupe, The Fountain Theatre, The Hollywood Fringe Festival, The Dandelion Theatre, Theatre NOVA, and Eastern Michigan University. 

Besides film and theatre, Michael has two literary publications (Contract Terror and Speechless), one comic book (Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime), and a flurry of podcasts through Parcast. Through these publications, he has come to believe there is no art more precious than collaboration.

To the left are a few places Michael has had his work produced.


Two Peas

Director: John Palmer

Short FIlm (Drama)

When Ted Douglas’s daughter is put on her deathbed, he decides to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her.

Elysium Bandini Studios

Feature Film (Thriller)

The Mad Whale is a 2017 American drama-thriller film directed by 9 different directors, which was produced by James Franco's Elysium Bandini Studios and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. The film stars Camilla Belle, Dominic Rains, Summer Phoenix and James Franco.

Director: Josie Lapczynski

Short FIlm (Drama)

An author inspires herself by kidnapping a neighbor.

Not for Display

Director: Maria De Sanctis

Short FIlm (Comedy)

A mannequin comes to grips with being alive in a locked department store.

Jasmine Parsley

Director: Josie Lapczynski

Short FIlm (Comedy)

Two chefs break into a home to steal a necessary ingredient.



Full length Play

2f, 3m

After his daughter is disformed by a curse, a Celtic cleric named Galen sacrifices everything he has in an attempt to heal the wounds he formed between them. As a dark fairytale set in pagan Ireland, this play explores monstrosity, adolescence, and ultimately love.

Mad as a Hatter

Full length Play


The man who inspired The Mad Hatter, Theophilus Carter, and the woman who inspired Alice, Alice Liddell, struggle with their newfound fame as literary characters.

Full length play

2f, 1m

Do you remember…when you were in high school and people would use suicide as a means to keep people in relationships?  Like…“I’m going to hurt myself if you leave me”.  This play is about that.  How damaging and vicious that cycle can be, and how much it costs to break that circle. We follow three nuanced people in a Chicago apartment as they navigate millennial love and millennial manipulation.

t u n d r a


Full length Play

3f, 2m

A painter struggles to keep an alien lifeform hidden in his house amid a budding scientific investigation.

Mouse Man

Full length Play
4f, 0m

In a dystopian amusement park, an esteemed psychologist meets a whimsical little girl who obsesses over a creature called “The Mouse Man”. The more the psychologist tries to prove the Mouse Man is imaginary, the more real he becomes.

Because a Guy Ate a Bat

10 minute Play

1f, 1m

During the COVID-19 Coronavirus quarantine, two friends talk about sex, love, and what happens when people eat bats.

Full length Play

3f, 3m

In the opulent halls of the Trelawny Estate, five Victorians find the master of the house in a bloodless trance. As they dig into the mystery of his illness, they discover something deeper and older than they could possibly imagine still wants revenge.

Full length Play

1f, 2m

In a world where silver linings are collected and sold, two elderly “cloud farmers” struggle to maintain their farm and their relationship as their monthly deadline approaches. But when Earl Cooper falls victim to a tragic accident, this month might be their last.


Full length Play

2f, 2m

When the maestro to the king dies in 18th century Vienna, two genius composers compete to claim the royal position. Through love, pistols at dawn, and outrageous sarcasm, one of them remains a misunderstood genius while the other becomes the maestro.

Making Purple

Full length Play

1f, 1m

When two rival painters are mistakenly double-booked at a prestigious venue, both artists do whatever it takes to claim the spot as their own, including sabotaging each other's work. Through sarcasm, paint, and ultimately love, these two intellectuals find out exactly what it takes to "make purple".

SOMETHING AT LAST - Schoolcraft College - November 2021 - Livonia, MI (World Premiere)
POST - Lake Michigan College - April 2021 - Benton Harbor, MI (World Premiere)

ALONE / TOGETHER - Schoolcraft College - March 2021 - Livonia, MI (World Premiere)

[SOMETHING BETWEEN] - Eastern Michigan University - March 2020 - Ypsilanti, MI

SPACELING - Penny Seats - March 2020 - Ann Arbor, MI (Staged Reading)

THE MUMMY QUEEN - Penny Seats - February 2020 - Ann Arbor, MI (Staged Reading)

CHASING CLOUDS - The Bay City Players - June 2020 - Bay City, MI (Staged Reading)

ELDRITCH - The Penny Seats - August 2020 - Ann Arbor, MI (Staged Reading)

ELDRITCH - The Fountain Theatre - March-April 2019 - Los Angeles, CA (Staged Reading)

MAD AS A HATTER - Roustabout Theatre Troupe - April 2019 - Ypsilanti, MI (World Premiere)

T U N D R A - Dandelion Theatre - December 2019 - Chicago, IL (Staged Reading)

T U N D R A - Dramatist Guild - December 2019 - Ann Arbor, MI (Staged Reading)

MOUSE MAN - The Fountain Theatre - January 2018 - Los Angeles, CA (Staged Reading)

MOUSE MAN - Dandelion Theatre - December 2018 - Chicago, IL (Staged Reading)

MAESTRO - Fairweather Fox Productions November 2017 - Plymouth, MI 

MAKING PURPLE - Roustabout Theatre Troupe August 2017 - Milan, MI

MAKING PURPLE - Fairweather Fox Productions February-March 2017 - St. Joseph, MI

CHASING CLOUDS - Theatre NOVA - October 2017 - Ann Arbor, MI (Staged Reading)

CHEEK AND OTHER STORIES - Hollywood Fringe Festival - June 2017 - Los Angeles, CA

CHASING CLOUDS - Roustabout Theatre Troupe August 2016 - Milan, MI (Staged Reading)



Best Play

"Mad as a Hatter"

Broadway World



Rapid Dev Program


Fountain Theatre



Producers Award

Hollywood Fringe




Rapid Dev Program

"Mouse Man"

Fountain Theatre



PAGE International

"Becoming Jacob




Jay Roach Award

"Becoming Jacob




Best in Genre

"Chapter 18"

48 Hour Film Fest




Quarantine Bakeoff

"Because a Guy

Ate a Bat"



Podcasts by Michael:

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18 episode series (Acorn Arts and Entertainment)

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Pinocchio (Spotify)

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Pentimento - Cover Image - Small - FINAL

Full of feathers, marble, ink, and blood, PENTIMENTO is Michael Alan Herman's debut surrealistic poetry collection.


As a collage of color and clay, the work explores paralysis, hope, and most of all love and how essential those allusive words are to artistic expression. Throughout the book, Michael asks us all to remember that little pyre inside our hearts and to always, always, pick up that damn pen.

Available on Amazon.com